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 Reprinted with permission of Law Week Colorado.


Now 20 Years Old, Jury Verdict Reporter Proves It's Invaluable

For 20 years Sally Gilbert, has been telling lawyers who won, who lost, and how much money was involved. Gilbert is editor and publisher of Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado, a weekly newsletter that summarizes jury verdicts from all over the state.
Lawyers, insurance company personnel, expert witnesses and legal vendors read the newsletter to learn the key facts about auto accidents, employment disputes, medical malpractice claims and many other verdicts. More important, readers can see the names of expert witnesses, lawyers and judges, the dollar amounts demanded and offered, and the verdict.
"Our criteria is, if there is a jury verdict in a federal or state court in Colorado then we want to publish that verdict," Gilbert said.
In 1983 Gilbert, formerly Sally Anderson, decided to launch a jury verdict newsletter similar to one she was familiar with in Kansas City, where she lived before moving to Denver in 1978. Gilbert had a publishing background and had worked for trade magazines in the wholesale baking and plastics industries. 
She prepared a sample copy of Jury Verdict Reporter, printed 6,000 copies, borrowed  money from her parents to pay for a mailing and hoped enough area attorneys would subscribe to justify a launch of the newsletter.
“I decided if I received 100 responses, that would be enough to get started,” she remembered. “I received 105 subscriptions in the first 10 days.” 
She began publishing in October 1983. She gathered her information by calling attorneys of record who had tried cases in federal court, Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe county district courts. Then some Boulder attorneys and judges called and asked her to include their cases. Eventually Adams County hopped on, and today the newsletter includes verdicts from district courts throughout the state.
The weekly newsletter has no advertising and much of the information comes directly from the lawyers involved in the cases. “Occasionally someone does not want to be interviewed. But in the vast majority of cases people are willing to talk to us. All of us like to keep up with people in our field and be informed about how colleagues are faring, what kinds of cases are being tried with what results." 
Jury Verdict Search
Since 1987 Nicki Stanton has been Director of Research for Jury Verdict Search of Colorado. Nicki’s publishing and research experience is a vital asset to every lawyer, law firm, insurance company, arbitrator, expert witness, or other legal vendor that engages her to do legal research. In addition to her experience with the highly detailed database, that dates back to 1983, she has great zeal for providing exceptional customer service. 
Today she can deliver customized research from over 29 years of Colorado jury verdicts, for information that is crucial in making the decision to go to trial or settle, how much to demand or offer to settle. She can cross reference the information to discover the type of claim or injury, expert witnesses, attorneys, judges and many other criteria. Nicki can deliver the information for clients quickly and accurately. That is why the Colorado legal community requests hundreds of searches every year. The accuracy and the specificity of the information are proven time and money savers.
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