1. How often is Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado (JVRC) published?
    JVRC is published weekly with the exception of the first two weeks of
    July and the last two weeks of December.

2. What appears in JVRC?
     Accurate, concise easy-to-read summaries and key facts about civil
     verdicts from the federal and district courts in Colorado. The newsletter is
     organized so that you can find key facts at a glance. See the sample copy
     under the “Free Issue” tab on this website.
3. Who subscribes to Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado?
     Attorneys, judges, insurance legal counsel and claims departments, expert
     witnesses, mediators and arbitrators, legal vendors and other
     professionals who need this valuable information to settle cases or
     prepare for trial.  Call 303-779-4073 or 800-852-6819. We accept Visa,
     MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
4. I recently tried a case. How do I report
information about this verdict?
    Click on the "Report a Verdict" tab to submit the information about your 
    verdict  or contact Sally Gilbert at 303-779-4073 or email sgilbert@jvrc.com
5. I need information to prepare for a settlement conference or a trial.
    How can you help me?
    Our research division can help by providing specific information about
    Colorado jury verdicts. We search thousands of case summaries
    published in Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado. We can research cases,
    claims, attorneys of record, expert witnesses, verdicts and awards,
    plaintiffs and defendants who have appeared in Jury Verdict Reporter of
    Colorado over more than 29 years. Contact Steve Gilbert at 303-667-5365
    or email him at steve.gilbert@jvrc.com. Our service is inexpensive, saves you
    time and our experienced research staff will get you the information you
    need to make decisions and form successful strategies.
6.  How much does a customized research report cost?
     Our basic research report of your subject costs only $95.00 for up to 20 JVRC    case summaries delivered promptly by email. Additional case summaries are available for $3.00 per summary. The turnaround time is generally two days with same day service available for an additional premium. (premium waived for JVRC subscribers) If no records are found on your research topic there is NO CHARGE.