Legal Research Services

The “Best Value” in internet, legal research $110.00 for up to 20 case summaries specific to your case.

The detailed case summaries are a vital asset to every lawyer, law firm, insurance company, arbitrator, expert witness, or other legal vendor that needs solid legal research of similar verdicts decided in the Colorado courts.

Where else, for example, would you find the details of a Title VII, National Origin Harassment and Hostile Work Environment case where the plaintiff alleged that her supervisor subjected her to a hostile work environment by making slurs against her and by performing the “Mexican Hat Dance” in front of her approximately 100 times?

In the Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado of course.

We can find case summaries to support your case whether it is the mundane personal injury auto, texting-while-driving, driving under the influence of legal marijuana or the obscure “Hat Dance” variety.

The Colorado legal community requests hundreds of searches every year

We deliver customized research from over 39 years of Colorado jury verdicts, for information that is crucial in making the decision to go to trial or settle, how much to demand or offer to settle.

We can cross reference the information to discover the type of claim or injury, expert witnesses, attorneys, judges, and many other criteria.

We deliver the information for clients, quickly and accurately. That is why the Colorado legal community requests hundreds of searches every year. The accuracy and the specificity of the information are proven time and money savers.

Jury Verdict Reporter of Colorado is the economical solution to your research needs.

Our basic research report of your subject costs only $110.00 for up to 20 JVRC case summaries delivered promptly by email. Additional case summaries are available for $4.00 per summary. The standard turnaround time is two business days with same-day service available for an additional premium. (Premium waived for JVRC subscribers.) If no records are found on your research topic there is NO CHARGE. That makes us the logical, first choice when it comes to basic research for your case strategy. Why keep the meter running searching for information when we can do it for you for one low price?

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All we need to get your research started is your research criteria and where to send the completed report. The report and invoice will be in your inbox in approximately two business days.